Aleph Zero is a privacy-enhancing layer 1 blockchain that ensures scalability, low transaction fees, and maximum security guarantees for developers. Aleph Zero has been created to help overcome the challenges associated with the security, scalability, decentralization, and privacy of blockchain networks, as well as the user and developer experience.

Let’s take a look at each of these challenges to determine whether Aleph Zero has the potential to bridge the gap between them all.

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2023 - SBG | AZERO node











Aleph Zero (AZERO) is a network that seeks to improve the privacy of cryptocurrency transactions. The blockchain used in most cryptocurrencies is public and can be tracked, which is undesirable for some users or government organizations. Private smart contract technology allows some transactions to be kept hidden. Aleph Zero uses privacy-enhancing techniques called ZK-SNARKs and secure multiparty computation (SMC) to create its Liminal privacy layer. The combination of these techniques provides a revolutionary privacy layer.

The Aleph Zero network is accessible, scalable, decentralized, and secure. Some of Aleph Zero’s use cases include decentralized digital asset exchange and Darkpools, which is a new form of cryptocurrency trading that maintains traders’ privacy.



As a platform model, Aleph Zero guarantees instant finality and is capable of efficient scalability at both the consensus protocol level and the smart contract platform. With these attributes, the network can handle a large number of users, making it suitable for future use cases to be deployed on the blockchain.







Aleph Zero is a blockchain platform that focuses on guaranteeing maximum theoretical security thanks to its innovative AlephBFT consensus protocol. This protocol is designed to tolerate up to 33% of malicious committee members without affecting the validation process. In fact, every transaction in Aleph Zero is confirmed as soon as 67% of the members agree on it. What makes Aleph Zero different is its asynchrony, which does not rely on timing assumptions and ensures that all honest transactions are confirmed even during periods of total network asynchrony.



Welcome to the revolution! At SBG | AZERO we are excited to announce the opening of our validator node on Testnet and Mainnet of the Aleph Zero blockchain network.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can now deposit your AZERO on our node and generate a return of between 10-12% per annum.

Aleph Zero is a next-generation blockchain network designed to offer a scalable, fast, and secure solution for the transfer of value. The platform uses a unique combination of innovative technologies, including DAG (directed acyclic graph) and BFT (Byzantine fault tolerance) consensus to ensure the speed and security of transactions. In addition, Aleph Zero focuses on sustainability by using energy-efficient consensus algorithms and implementing a fair reward model for validators.

At SBG | AZERO, we offer investors a unique opportunity to earn a 10-12% annual percentage return by depositing their AZERO into our validator node at Aleph Zero. Our team of blockchain experts ensures that the node is running optimally, guaranteeing a high rate of return and a safe and reliable investment experience.

Furthermore, at SBG | AZERO, we care about the security of your funds and use state-of-the-art security measures to protect your assets. In addition, our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any problems or questions you may have.

Of course, we will open a communication channel where we will be able to answer all your questions.

In short, depositing your AZERO in our validator node at Aleph Zero is an excellent investment opportunity in the world of cryptocurrencies. At SBG | AZERO, we guide toward a safe, responsible, and profitable investment experience for investors interested in blockchain technology. If you are looking for an opportunity to grow your funds, don’t hesitate to look into Aleph Zero.

Welcome to the revolution! – SBG

Buy Send Stake


To generate AZERO through SBG node



Welcome to the step by step guide to staker your money on our Aleph Zero validator node.

The first thing you need to do is to create a KuCoin account. Go to their website and register. Complete all the necessary security checks to ensure the security of your account.


To fund your account and make transactions, you must verify your account. Please provide the requested documents, such as an ID card, photo ID, passport or driving licence.


This process is called KYC (Know Your Costumer) and is a very common process in the blockchain ecosystem.


Once they have checked your details they will send you an email confirming your account, so you will be able to start trading without any problems.

On the menu, we will go to Fast Trade.

On this screen, we can buy USDT through our bank, either with Sepa, card or other online banking methods, we will select the one that best suits our needs.

We will choose the currency in which we want to buy USDT. All possible currencies are accepted (EUR, $). Azero is a cryptocurrency that cannot be bought directly from your card, you must first buy the USDT stablecoin to be able to exchange it later.

Enter the amount of FIAT money (EUR/$) you want to spend.
Click on the buy button.


You will then be presented with a pop-up that you will have to fill in with your personal and card details in order to access the USDT purchase.


Once USDT is purchased it will be deposited into our main wallet. On the top right-hand side, in the wallet drop-down, you can access your main account. In order to buy Azero we will have to transfer these funds to the trading wallet.


In our main account, we will search for USDT in the search engine.


The USDT block will appear, and we will have to click on Transfer, located on the right.


A pop-up will open where you can transfer your USDT,
from the main account to the trading account.

Once transferred, we will go to our trading account, we will be able to access it from the portfolio symbol on the top right.

Once we are inside the trading account, we will search for AZERO in the search engine, and the following will appear.

To the right of the Aleph Zero symbol, we can see the Trade button, we press it and we give it to AZERO/USDT.

Great, you are already in the trading window of the KuCoin platform, but don’t panic, it’s very simple. All you have to do is look at the bottom right-hand side.

When buying cryptocurrencies on an exchange, you can do so in two different ways: with a buy order at market price or with a buy order at a limit price.

Limit: buying at a limit price, on the other hand, means that you are willing to buy the cryptocurrency only if its price reaches a certain value or lower. You must set a price limit, and if the market price of the cryptocurrency reaches or falls below that limit, the order will be triggered and the purchase will be made.

Market: Buy at market price means that you are willing to buy the cryptocurrency at the current market price. The purchase is made immediately at the current market price, which means you pay the price that the cryptocurrency is currently trading at.

Here we have two options, place a buy order (Limit), or buy directly at market price (Market).

Choose the option you want, click on the buy AZERO button, and….

That’s it!



Aleph Zero’s website is the main site for the Aleph Zero blockchain network. It provides information about the platform, its consensus protocol, and its native token, AZERO.

In addition, it offers resources for developers, such as technical documentation, source code libraries, and development tools. The website also presents information on the latest news and updates to the platform and provides links to the Aleph Zero community, where users can interact and get technical support.

Overall, the website provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the Aleph Zero platform for its users and developers. And that’s where we’ll need to log in to continue with the guide.

Go to the Accounts section in the top left-hand corner.

Once in the Accounts section, we will go to + Add Account, where we will create our wallet.

This step is very important, it is where the platform will show you your seed phrase. This seed phrase is your access key in case you lose your passwords, so copy this seed phrase on a physical piece of paper and save it somewhere safe.

When you have successfully saved your seed phrase, click on the > NEXT button at the bottom right.

Here you can create your username and password. Try to make sure that your password has at least:
– Upper and lower case letters, digits, and special characters.

Once you have done this, continue by pressing the > NEXT button.

Your wallet has been created!

Click on the name of your wallet and a drop-down menu will open on the right.

Here you can see your wallet.
This is actually your wallet address, and you will use it to send and receive transactions.

Copy it because we will be using it shortly.



Well, now we will send the AZEROS that we have in KuCoin, to this wallet that we have just created.

To do this we will have to go back to the KuCoin platform.

Once in KuCoin, you will need to go to your Main Account.

Search for your AZERO tokens in the search engine.

To the right of the AZERO symbol, you will see the Withdraw option.

A new screen will open where you can send your AZERO from your KuCoin account to your Aleph Zero wallet.

We will have to paste the address of the wallet we created in the previous step.

You will have to fill in the following sections:

Network: AZERO Aleph Zero
Amount: the amount of AZERO you want to send from KuCoin to your Aleph Zero wallet.
Main or trading account: choose where you want to send your AZERO from.

Once filled in, click the Withdraw button and that’s it, you have sent your AZERO from your KuCoin account to your Aleph Zero wallet.



We already have our AZERO in our Aleph Zero wallet. So we will go back to the page and from there we will be able to stake our AZERO in the SBG | AZERO validator node.

Once we are in the Staking section.
Click on the Accounts sub-section.

Now click on + Nominator.

1. Here we will fill in the amount of AZERO you want to transfer from your normal account to your staked account in the node. Remember to always leave some AZERO in your regular account so that you can pay for the transactions when you withdraw it.

2. Click > Next.

Here we search for SBG | AZERO in the search bar.

1. Now click on SBG | AZERO to move it from the column of candidate accounts to nominee accounts.

2. Once SBG | AZERO is in the nominated accounts column, click on > LINK AND NOMINATE.

And now we come to the last step.

1. Enter your account password.

2. You can leave us a tip 🙂 This helps us a lot to keep working, thank you very much to all of you who help us to keep growing. Without you, this would not be possible.

3. Click on the button > Sign and send to finish the process.

That’s it! You have just staked your AZEROs in the SBG node. Thank you for contributing to this initiative and for being part of the Aleph Zero ecosystem, don’t hesitate to sign up to the SBG Newsletter to keep up to date with all the news.

Do you have any questions? Contact us.



An Aleph Zero validator node is a server that validates and processes transactions on the Aleph Zero network to maintain the security and integrity of the blockchain.

By investing in an Aleph Zero validator node, you can earn rewards for validating transactions and keeping the network secure. In addition, you can also earn passive income through participation in the network consensus.

AZERO is the native token of the Aleph Zero network. It is used to pay transaction fees on the network, as well as to reward validating nodes.

By investing in an Aleph Zero validator node, you can earn a source of passive income, diversify your investment portfolio and contribute to the security and stability of the network.

You can invest in our SBG | AZERO node by following our guide on this page.

Of course, we will open a communication channel where we will be able to answer all your questions.

As with any investment, there are risks associated with delegating tokens to an Aleph Zero validator node, such as token price fluctuation and the risk of the validator node experiencing a technical failure or security breach. It is important to do your due diligence before delegating your tokens to a validating node. This is not investment advice, cryptocurrencies can pose a great risk when investing due to their volatility.


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Ofrecemos servicios que van desde la creación de contratos inteligentes hasta la implementación de soluciones de cadena de suministro basadas en blockchain. Nuestro equipo de expertos en desarrollo blockchain está compuesto por profesionales con experiencia en tecnologías como Ethereum, Hyperledger y EOS.

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